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-- The intersection of quality and innovation --

Field consultant. Refined berry quality

Dedicated to ensuring optimal ripeness and sweetness for each berry, we provide comprehensive field management consulting, covering soil analysis and irrigation strategies to pest and disease control. Use our expertise to ensure your berries reach their maximum potential.


Scientific post-production. Discover the depth of flavor

Starting from the data, every step of post-production is accurately monitored. Through meticulous measurement and control, the expert team will adjust the most appropriate processing methods and parameters based on the unique properties and target flavor of the coffee beans to ensure that every process can bring out the best taste of coffee.


Baking craftsmanship. Pursue the ultimate in quality

Roasted by hand, each batch is carefully monitored to ensure the ideal flavor and quality. It can also customize the baking curve according to your needs and present you with perfect baking results within 7 days.


From berries to cup. Taiwan Coffee Consultant

Through years of deep involvement in Taiwan's coffee industry, we not only assist clients in establishing their company image and developing marketing channels in the Taiwan market, but also actively participate in various lectures and course activities. Over the years, we have not only written professional books, but also recorded a series of podcasts to enhance Taiwan’s coffee industry culture. Choose to work with us to grow your business and exceed your expectations.

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